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I saw an episode of this utterly cheesy soap opera once where there was this guy who challenged himself to get the woman of his life. Or so he thought. He mentioned something about how to bare is the ultimate dare that can really make a woman’s heart wooed to the finest. In my opinion, it’s always best for women to keep it absolutely bare all the way down there, if you know what I mean. And for our lesson today, we will review the surface image of a site known as ALS Scan.

A Quick Intro to ALS Scan

Let’s face, even the homeliest guys can be quite picky. They don’t always go for women just because they are women, they would choose those would proper hygiene and some would even go for absolute class. Well, isn’t that typical? Or maybe not. Anyhow, ALS actually stands for All Ladies Shaved, which means to say it would be perfect for you if you’re among those chick-OC guys who just can’t settle for anything less than what you want – a fully shaved, shiny legs. Your argument is valid and the site is definitely here to support you on that.

If you have expectations and you don’t want another set of disappointments, then you definitely chose well should you decide to go with ALSC. Basically, it’s among the most meticulously managed porn sites of today. Before the contents are made open for the member public, they are fully assessed by the stringent creative officers of the site first. To that end, here are a couple things ALSC assures you with:

-All the videos are hardcore sex enactments.
-The quality of the videos are 1080p at the most and 720p at the least.
-There is a mobile version for the site capable of playing 480p videos for less fast mobile internet.
-All the models are the angelic type of hot.
-All the contents live for your glory!

There are 1,200 scenes available in the database so far and if you want to go with something more specific, you can simply use the advanced search options. There are weekly updates and the photo galleries are shuffled from time to time. Get to expect more every week with the site’s newly actuated proposal which is to put up new videos by the week. Get to enjoy all the best and extremely ALS Scan hard core porn for only $8.33 a month.