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I saw an episode of this utterly cheesy soap opera once where there was this guy who challenged himself to get the woman of his life. Or so he thought. He mentioned something about how to bare is the ultimate dare that can really make a woman’s heart wooed to the finest. In my opinion, it’s always best for women to keep it absolutely bare all the way down there, if you know what I mean. And for our lesson today, we will review the surface image of a site known as ALS Scan.

A Quick Intro to ALS Scan

Let’s face, even the homeliest guys can be quite picky. They don’t always go for women just because they are women, they would choose those would proper hygiene and some would even go for absolute class. Well, isn’t that typical? Or maybe not. Anyhow, ALS actually stands for All Ladies Shaved, which means to say it would be perfect for you if you’re among those chick-OC guys who just can’t settle for anything less than what you want – a fully shaved, shiny legs. Your argument is valid and the site is definitely here to support you on that.

If you have expectations and you don’t want another set of disappointments, then you definitely chose well should you decide to go with ALSC. Basically, it’s among the most meticulously managed porn sites of today. Before the contents are made open for the member public, they are fully assessed by the stringent creative officers of the site first. To that end, here are a couple things ALSC assures you with:

-All the videos are hardcore sex enactments.
-The quality of the videos are 1080p at the most and 720p at the least.
-There is a mobile version for the site capable of playing 480p videos for less fast mobile internet.
-All the models are the angelic type of hot.
-All the contents live for your glory!

There are 1,200 scenes available in the database so far and if you want to go with something more specific, you can simply use the advanced search options. There are weekly updates and the photo galleries are shuffled from time to time. Get to expect more every week with the site’s newly actuated proposal which is to put up new videos by the week. Get to enjoy all the best and extremely ALS Scan hard core porn for only $8.33 a month.

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Like its name Wicked Pictures website not just contains picture they have a lot of exciting videos too. The famous Wicked Studios owns this site. You can see some of the greatest porn movies of your life here. Not just great movies or photos you will also get a lot of gorgeous girls and porn stars performing here. This site contains all exclusive videos and photos, behind-the scene videos, archived live shows and live shows.

You ever heard of Brittney Skye, Adrian Sage, Tabitha Stevens, Taylor Rain, Chasy Lane, Monica Sweetheart and Jenna Jameson? These are some of the porn stars who performed in the Wicked Studio’s scenes. If you are crazy about collecting photos then you can find your heaven here because right now there are 186550 images in this site ready to download while there are a lot of wicked videos too. You can also check out nice sexy babes in the archived shows.

This site owns a large archive of exclusive contents. Whatever you like you will get it all here from porn stars to next door type girls. Right now you will get more than 662 DVDs here. Every week members can enjoy a new video title. You can stream them in the embedded flash player or download them in MP4 format only. All the old videos are of good quality and recent ones are available in HD. You will also get a format for your mobile devices.

If you are looking for photos then go to the Wicked Pictures’ photos area after signing in. In photos area you will get3779 galleries. Each gallery contains 50 pictures and all of them can be downloaded in ZIP files. Production team did a great job and you can see some exotic background on the photos. You can download them as much you want as there’s no download limit.

You will get some live cam shows weekly but they are not free. You will have to pay the price to watch the shows. Members will get a huge list of categories of the contents. It’s very helpful to find out desired content. The navigating tools are also helpful in this case. This site was launched in 1995 and still it manages to be user friendly. All the contents are dated here so you can check out how fresh or old they are. You will also get an update log and it seems like a good deal to sign up here.

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Sweetheart Video is actually a lesbian sex site and if you like such actions then this site is best for you. You can see a lot of famous porn stars and models here performing on all those lesbo scenes. You will get both photos and videos here. Videos are of high quality and photos are of high resolution. You can find a piece of lesbian heaven after signing in. This site has enough contents to keep the members interested but still members can access four other sites as bonus. If you count all the contents you get on the bonus sites you will get an impressive amount worth paying for.

A number of videos of this site may come from another website named “Girls Kissing Girls”. Well, you will also get Lesbian Adventures Series, Lesbian Office Seduction, Lesbian Babysitters and Mother’s Lovers Society. I like some of their videos where a girl starts kissing another and it starts. I love some of their sucking, moaning and screaming. They look so natural and more satisfied with each other. They suck each other’s boobs and grab it from time to time. Fun increases when they suck their ass and pussy holes. In some scenes you will find a girl is getting fucked by another one.

You can browse though the contents. Both photos and videos appear in thumbnails so you can have a glance of what’s inside very easily. You will find a lot of helpful navigating tools to help you find desired contents. There are some sorting features too to help sort by rating, most viewed and updates. Members can also find a list of categories for those people who like to browse by categories.

On Sweetheart Video, you will get more than 136 DVDs. All of them are full length and each one can be played for 2 hours. You can stream the videos in the embedded flash player or download it in multiple formats. Formats are WMV and MP4 and you can resize the videos in the browser. Old videos all look great because they are from DVDs. You will also get a lot of new HD videos here. In the photo archive you can find 1130 galleries. Each one of them contains 285 photos. You easily download all of them in ZIP files. Photographers did a great job and you can easily find model info to know more about them. Don’t just think and give it a try.

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Porn sites have become overrated in today’s frenetically growing users of the internet. Every day, people try to find something new in order to experience new things in their endeavor. It’s really interesting to think that there really are a great pool of souls out there who seek to dig deeper in the excavations of finding new porn instruments in the cybernetic world. They are usually those who appreciate art even in the context of erotica. When you are one among those deep sea seekers, I would suggest you pay FemJoy a thorough visit.

FemJoy is one of the premium sites in the pornographic niche. It is considered to be the best by many expert porn analysts. The merits of the site are ought to have been ascribed to it through its never-ending innovations since the dawn of its beginning back in 1999. Through the years, was able to build a solid stable of the finest porn collections that incorporate both films and photographs for a wide array of categories. Today, the site has garnered millions of members from across the globe, making it one of the biggest porn sites in history.

There’s always strong reasons behind the success of porn sites and Fem joy is not an exception to that reality. It didn’t automatically become a hit in the industry for its targeted audience just by simply being present in the web platform. Just like any other successful site would do, the creators made sure that they inject only the best porn contents gleaned from an eclectic number of sources. While they have contents legally acquired from the finest harbor points, they also make sure that they have their own originals enforced into the hub, reinforcing more value into the site’s entirety. For a cheap subscription rate of 19.99 dollars per month, you are able to enjoy the following:

-1.3 million high resolution photographs from 3000 photo sets, 557 movies, both short clips and fully reeled films, 2,764 best models in the industry

In addition, the site uses only the best photographers who exhibit indubitable passion in capturing erotic imagery. Ultimately, you can download as much as you want from the Femjoy discount database. Overall, it’s one of the few real all-in-one adult sites out there. With an immense video count and unique quality, the site goes well worth its required money.

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If you happen to be someone who lives life like an Eskimo, you know, like in an igloo so close yet so far from civilization, then you’ve probably heard about what Playboy is. For one thing, it is one of the most famous men’s magazine in the industry today. Another reason it has been around for more than a decade now is that it has totally made itself important to many men’s lives. Last but not the least, a porn site depicting the beauty of this magazine has emerged in town. It’s called PlayboyTV.

Playboy TV is analogous to the contents that can be found in the typical PB Mag. But to tell you the truth, it’s even better for the very reason that it’s real action, not just some stuffed images there where you can only imagine rather than do some digital interaction. Another thing that makes the site akin to the mag is that its models are quite the upscale kind. You know what I’m saying? They’re no cheap hags. They’re simply gorgeous that goes more on the luxury side. And as high standards they may seem, they’re always up to fuck those who are in dire desperation. Just as I and every other man out there, you love that, right?

Playboy Mag is to photographs and smokin’ hot compilation of models, Playboy TV is to videos and all the sizzlin’ girls you could think of all the way to endlessness or the thing we so call eternity. The site does not invest on any stationary stuff. The creators only consider those that can draw real attention and talent for entertainment’s sake. In respect to that, they have not just gathered, but created over 1600 plus videos for the entertainment of those who believe and continue to trust the premise of the Playboy bloodline. And from an original price tag of 29.99 dollars, the site currently runs a promo of 5.83 dollars a month for an initial to all subsequent subscriptions.

Famous for bringing pleasure to men and women for generations, this company has been around doing the world a big favor for a long time. Entertainment in life is essential, and thanks to these guys, you’ll get plenty of it without having to work very hard at all.

With all the beautiful girls you get to see in porn action and the high definition quality of the videos, your money is definitely well spent! And if you have yet to break the toughest ties of your innocence, Playboy TV definitely makes the perfect ground zero. 9.5 out of 10 for your subscription here!